Life changes

Discipleship is a broad topic which encompasses everything we do to become faithful disciples of Jesus. This involves growing in maturity ourselves, and raising up future generations who will stand on our shoulders to climb even higher and see even farther.

Catechism for Baptism/Confirmation

Candidates for adult/believer baptism and for confirmation of those baptized either as infants or in other communions are instructed in the faith in order to understand what they are committing to. This instruction consists of a series of lessons on the material contained in the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church Catechism, including topics such as the Creeds, the Sacraments, the Lord's Prayer, the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, and Convergence in the Church.​

The format and context of instruction is flexible: online, in person, or on retreat; weekly lessons or more intensive full-day sessions; individual or group instruction; etc. It is scheduled upon request as the need arises.​

Pre-Matrimony counseling

The sacrament of Holy Matrimony is reserved by Scripture and the canons of the ICCEC for administration to one man and one woman. For members of our parish and their families who desire to receive this sacrament, the prospective groom and bride are required to go through pre-Matrimony counseling together. This consists of a series of meetings with the rector or his designate to explore the foundations and requirements of matrimony, its meaning and impact on both lives, issues which can unite or divide a couple, and practical matters such as the Biblical method of problem solving.

The couple must both be baptised/confirmed Christians before counseling begins. The wedding must be performed in a church (sacred space), and follow the ICCEC's rite of Holy Matrimony.

Life-controlling Issues

No one who gives their life to Jesus presents to Him a life that works. We are all broken in some way, and Christ is the only one with the ability and the desire to make us whole. That can sometimes be a lengthy process, made even longer by our inability or unwillingness to admit the problem, accept responsibility for it, and seek assistance in receiving complete healing. Bridge Builders is a Holy Spirit driven twelve-step program that has proven effective in helping thousands to do just that.​


Bridge Builders is an intensive six-month program of weekly sessions and daily homework, available to all people both inside and outside the parish who are serious about overcoming the issues that control their lives. Birthed in a prison ministry in the United States, it goes beyond the symptoms of mild to addictive behaviors (alcohol and drug dependency, pornography, dietary excess, etc.) to identify and address the root causes of the behavior.​

Generational issues

People even in our day can suffer from wounds inflicted on previous generations which can be passed down, whether spiritually, psychologically, or behaviorally. Sometimes one can, with God's help, withstand those pressures. With others the sins are continued, resulting in those same hurts being inflicted on others by the one sinning.

Generational healing includes group introductory sessions to explain the spiritual concepts, private individual completion of a generational patterns questionnaire by each participate to help them examine their family history of behaviors, individual private counseling sessions which may include the sacrament of Confession (Rite of Reconciliation), and culminates in a shared generational healing Eucharist in which the chains to the past are broken.