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Our life in Christ, at both the individual and group level, is not an unchanging snapshot but a journey. It begins with birth, moves through infancy, toddler, childhood, adolescent, and early adulthood, and finally concludes with maturity ... what the Bible terms téleios: perfect, complete in all its parts, consummated by going through the necessary stages to reach the end-goal. Everyone's journey and personality is unique, but the destiny God has for us all is not: "till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect [teleios] man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ" (Ephesians 4:13)

All About St. Stephen CEC in London

The charismatic fellowship of believers in London which would become the parish of St. Stephen was birthed in November 1990 as an outreach of the Confederation of Filipino Churches in Europe (CFCE) by John Donn Bautista. What was originally envisioned as a ministry to Filipinos outside the Philippine Islands was led by the Holy Spirit to become so much more, embracing people from all cultures and nationalities as the CFCE became part of the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church in 1994. The fellowship grew, and was received in full communion as St. Stephen CEC on 5 May 1996 with Fr. John Donn Bautista as Rector, manifesting not only the charismatic stream of the Church but also its evangelical and liturgical life.

The mandate given to the parish of St Stephen was, (1) to seek the broken and outcasts of this world, families that are on the brink of collapse to be restored in fellowship with God and their relationships with one another; (2) to build a Eucharistic community of faith encouraging each communicant to grow in a deeper relationship with God and being a witness in this world; (3) to restore the right place of the husband as the head of the home by encouraging and challenging men to rise up; (4) to encourage children and youth to respect and honor their parents in a godless society, and not to conform to the ways of this world, following God in the midst of all oppositions; and (5) to build mission Eucharistic communities in the UK as God opens doors, extending this mission mandate until all come to the unity of faith.

Some of the more notable dates in the history of St. Stephen CEC include:

  • Nov 1990         Donn & Cherie Bautista arrive in London

  • Dec 1990         First Bible study held

  • Jan 1991          First charismatic services held

  • ----- 1994         The Confederation of Filipino Churches in Europe (CFCE) joined the ICCEC

  • May 1995        Donn Bautista ordained a deacon in the ICCEC

  • May 1995        First liturgical service held at Napier church hall as an ICCEC mission church

  • Nov 1995         Dcn. Donn Bautista ordained a priest in the ICCEC

  • ----- 1995          Services moved to St. Margaret Pattens (Church of England) in Eastcheap

  • ----- 1996          Received as a full parish church in the ICCEC with Fr. Donn Bautista as Rector

  • ----- 1997          Diocesan Convocation at St. Mary’s College (summertime)

  • May 1999        Fr. Juan Carlos Bonin began serving the parish

  • Sep 1999         Fr. Juan Carlos Bonin installed as Rector

  • May 2004        Andrew Gossage and Dado Macasling ordained deacons in the ICCEC

  • Sep 2011         Fr. Donn Bautista began serving the parish as interim priest

  • May 2014        Fr. Dana Jackson began serving the parish

  • Feb 2015         Fr. Dana Jackson installed as Rector

  • Sep 2015         Services moved from St. Margaret Pattens to homes of parish members

  • Jan 2016          Services moved to St. Gabriel’s Boys’ Club Hall in Pimlico

  • Mar 2020        Physical services suspended due to covid virus

  • Dec 2020         Physical services resumed at St. Barnabas (Church of England) in Woodford

  • Mar 2021        Services moved to Scouts Hut at St. Barnabas


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